Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Grammar. Key to more money

Take this to the Bank

A few weeks ago, a representative from Grammarly contacted me asking if I would be interested in writing a blog post about their product. They provided an interesting infographic that provides a compelling case for the importance of strong writing skills for the advancement of one's compensation. Even though grammarly does not claim causation between grammatical proficiency and monetary compensation, it is still an interesting study to consider.

For the purposes of the study, Grammarly proofread 400+ freelancer profiles from all eight categories of the Elance platform for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. To adjust for quality of work, they only selected freelancers with an average rating of four stars or above. Then, they looked at correlation between earnings and number of mistakes.

What's this Grammarly Thing?

As can be deduced from this post, Grammarly is a free grammar checker that scans your writing for errors and suggests improvements to your writing. What I love about grammarly from my experience are the add-ins.

Grammarly will check your grammar in Gmail, it will check your social media status updates, with the Chrome extension it will check anything you type in a text field. There is even an add-in for Microsoft Office that will check your grammar in Word. So there really is no excuse to continue making gross errors in your writing.

It would be nice to make more money because of your impeccable grammatical prowess. But even if it doesn't earn you more cash, at least your writing can look like a million bucks. (I couldn't resist it, it was too cheesy.)


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