Monday, May 14, 2012

New Semester - First Summer

I am embarking on my first Summer C ever. I have avoided classes offered during this semester like the plague during my educational career. Yet, I find myself forced into this predicament by the fact that I do not want to post-pone my graduation. 

The classes I am taking are as follows:
  • LIS 5937 Information Management Systems
  • LIS 6711 Organization of Knowledge 1
My eyes will be scouring the following textbooks (freshly ordered from Amazon). No these are not listed in APA format. This is a blog for crying out loud!
  • Cataloging and Classification: An Introduction (Chan, Lois Mai)
  • The Organization of Information  (Taylor, Arlene G.)
  • Fundamentals of Information Systems (Stair, Ralph)
New semester, I shall conquer thee.


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