Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dreaming of Springtime

What else would you do the day after Christmas? I'm keeping warm with thoughts of Web Design & Collection Development. Here's the official description of what my life will be like until April. (This semester has already wrecked one weekend, we'll see how extensive the damage will end up being.)

LIS 5937 Web Design for Libraries (3) This course will provide the student with an
introduction to Web Design basic including theory, concepts and techniques. Topics will
include best practices, structure, layout, style sheets, graphics, publishing, templates,
software, and other web applications. After this course the learner will be able to:

  • Research, evaluate and describe the considerations regarding usability, accessibility, navigability, cultural sensitivity, global issues, and good design practices for websites in an instructional and informational resource environment.
  • Create and modify web page elements using various web and graphic creation tools for appropriate layout and design objectives.
  • Research and analyze current web design issues, elements, and considerations.
  • Create a web site employing good design principles and using appropriate content for an instructional and information resource environment.
  • Understand the use of graphic representations.
approach to building library collections of both print and non-print materials. Emphasis
upon evaluation, selection, and acquisition of library materials as they uphold the
objectives of the institutions for which they are selected and acquired.


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