Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yummy Yum Yum

As part of my Web 2.0 assignment, I was forced to play with Deli.cio.us. I created my profile and shared my blogs--complete with tags. We shall see if these blogs will take off and become internet sensations overnight as a result of my one public bookmark. Hey, I can dream!

In addition, I found a really cool, useful site called: Makeuseof.com. I really enjoyed this article. I really enjoy sprucing up documents and presentations with graphics. I am a firm believer in reinforcement when it comes to education. People need to read, hear, see and sometimes even experience things when trying to learn. I suppose that is the point of my whole assignment, experience Web 2.0 in just a fraction of it's glory. Perhaps we will take these ideas and run with them.

I can certainly see these sharing sites taking a role in the modern library. Most Librarians I have met keep extensive bookmarks with extensive descriptions. A service like Delicious certainly makes the process much easier and much more social. I could especially see how this would be a great, cost-effective service to use in Academic Library Databases, where students can bookmark articles and sites. This would make finding appropriate resources a much quicker process.

In all, this delicious service is truly scrumptious.


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