Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pressing Your Buttons

Web Design

The operative word here is "design," as in: Library Design. An early task in my Web Development for Librarian's class is to familiarize myself with the content management system known as Wordpress. The fruits of my labor revolve around that concept of Library Design.

I know, I know; I'm a Blogger guy. I chose to work with Blogger instead of Wordpress back in 2011 (actually before then with a previous blog). However, I must say that Wordpress is quite beautiful. I knew this before, but now I have tasted the forbidden nectar. You can now say I am experienced in the ways of Wordpress.

Either way you slice it, both Blogger and Wordpress allow you to do the same kinds of things. I have successfully customized Blogger's dynamic theme to accomplish my purposes & I have no doubt that Wordpress offers the exact same level of customization.

I look forward to more challenging exercises in Web Design as we continue through the semester.


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