Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mugged for my Lunch

A Little Gardening

This weekend's class meeting has been riveting. We've been talking about weeding collections. Can I get a woot for weeding? Can I get a woot for user complaints about throwing away useless materials?

I thought so. The drama is not really what happens in class--it's what happens outside of the classroom that counts.

For instance, I wrote my paper last week. It was pretty stressful, I must say. Further, I wasn't able to print out my assignment before leaving Miami at 9.30 PM. I arrived in Tampa at about 2.30 AM and could not, for the life of me, figure out how to print my paper out. So my lovely wife and I went on a scavenger hunt for a printing facility that might be open at 3 in the morning. We ended up traveling 20 minutes away to downtown so I could print my assignment. Ya. Do the math. I got to bed at 4 AM. Fun. Glamorous. Oh ya!

Welcome to the Jungle

Want more stories? How 'bout getting mugged by a punk squirrel with an attitude problem? I was sitting, minding my own business, when this squirrel barrels into my lunch bag and demands I hand over my peanut butter and wheat bread sandwich. You'll be happy to hear that I fought him off successfully.

Don't worry. I left a peace offering of sammich crust behind when I finished.

Muggles Afoot

Now my fellow future librarians are discussing the intricacies of Harry Potter. Important things like allegiances to Slitherin or Griffindor, whether Huffinclaw or Ravenpuff is cooler and how Hagrid's parents pro created (the consensus is that a spell had to be involved).

Future Library and Information Science graduate studies beware: the drama is HOT.


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