Friday, July 12, 2013

iOS7 Beta 3 and The Broken Phone App

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The Developer Life

A friend of mine gave me the awesome privilege of being an Apple Developer so I could get the shiny, new iOS7 on my iPhone. It has been pretty much everything I expected. Cool User Interface. Buggy third party apps. Glitchy native apps. Overall probably not something I'd want to pay for but the fact that hardly anyone else outside of work (I work in IT) has it makes me feel cool, so I put up with it.

However, Beta 3 brought a big problem. I noticed that I was getting voicemails with no record of a missed call. What? I know, crazy. And unacceptable. I mean, messaging UI issues is one thing, but making people feel like I was ignoring their call when I actually wasn't? Not cool.

My first thought was to blame the Google Voice app for interfering with my Phone App. I made several changes to GV that did not resolve the issue. Then, I did what I should have done in the first place. I googled the problem.

Disturb Me Please

According to the internet, iOS Beta 3 may have issues with the Do Not Disturb function. So if you find that your iPhone running iOS Beta 3 is not allowing calls to come in, change your DND settings to "Allow Everyone" to interrupt. I know, it defeats the purpose of DND, but if the Phone app doesn't display incoming calls, it defeats the purpose of owning a phone.

I'm not going to go through the trouble of giving screenshots, the link to the article I found will be posted below. It has all that fancy stuff. Please refer to that for more detailed instructions.

Happy developing!

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