Monday, July 22, 2013


Semester Over

I turned in my final Pathfinder Project for Government Documents and my last two homework assignments for Abstracting/Indexing last Friday. I still do not believe this semester is over. It has been, by far, my most intense semester to date.

Strangely, Gov Docs turned out to be the more taxing class of the two. My professor really required a great deal of work between weekly reference lists, weekly end-of-chapter question responses (I haven't had to do those since High School) and other assignments every couple weeks on top of those! Never mind the fact that he wasn't exactly clear with his instructions, that added even more stress. But I feel that I did some quality work and earned a good grade in the class.

A&I was supposed to be my hard class. But it turned out to be fairly straightforward and simple. Maybe metadata just comes natural to me. All I know is that I didn't have all the headaches I thought I would have with that class. Although it was strange to write an entire paper on the index of a book.
Hopefully this semester has sharpened my skills and prepared me to take and completely destroy the comprehensive exams. Comps, I'll be seeing you in October!


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