Monday, December 16, 2013

Book Review - 13 Reasons Why

** I just completed a Young Adult literature course and have read and reviewed several materials using a new format. This review follows a template given to me by my professor.**

Name: Christopher M. Jimenez
Media Format: Book (ebook)
Title: Thirteen Reasons Why
Genre: Realistic Fiction, Tragedy,
Author: Jay Asher
Selection Source: Booklist
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Recommended Audience Age: 12 - Adult
Reading Recommendation: 3
Curriculum Connections: Health


Instead of writing a suicide note, Hannah Baker makes a series of audio recordings telling her reasons for committing suicide. Her reasons include 13 individuals who must listen to the tapes and pass them on. The reader follows Clay Jensen’s part of the story and learns of the horrible things that Hannah had to endure during her time at school.


This is yet another YA novel that is ripe for discussion. How many YAs deal with obsession over their reputation or identities that are imposed on them? Many people are unhappy with the way they are perceived by others and, for some, this drives them towards suicide. A discussion on healthy alternatives and modes of expression could be beneficial for YAs.


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