Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Review - Salvage the Bones

** I just completed a Young Adult literature course and have read and reviewed several materials using a new format. This review follows a template given to me by my professor.**

Name: Christopher M. Jimenez
Media Format: Book (ebook)
Title: Salvage the Bones
Genre: Ethnic, Strong Female Lead, Realistic Fiction, Tragedy
Author: Jesmyn Ward
Selection Source: ALA Alex Award 2012
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Recommended Audience Age: 16 - Adult
Reading Recommendation: 3
Curriculum Connections: Weather, History, Cultural Studies, Health


Esh and her family prepare for hurricane Katrina while dealing with a difficult family situation. Esh just finds out she is pregnant at the age of fourteen and struggles with the realization that her life has changed. Her brother, Skeetah, feebly tries to keep his pit-bull puppies alive for sale. The entire family suffers from the loss of their mother.


This tragic tale allows the reader to enter a world that may be different from their own. In the classroom, discussions may center on hurricane Katrina’s terrifying events. This novel also opens potential discussions on teenage pregnancy and preventative measures.


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