Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Review - The Great Fire

** I just completed a Young Adult literature course and have read and reviewed several materials using a new format. This review follows a template given to me by my professor.**

Name: Christopher M. Jimenez
Media Format: Books (ebooks)
Title: The Great Fire
Genre: History, Information, Tragedy
Author: Jim Murphy
Selection Source: 1995 Newbery Honor
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
Recommended Audience Age: 8 - 12
Reading Recommendation: 5
Curriculum Connections: History, Civics


Jim Murphy pieces together accounts of the tragic events that lead to the great fire which destroyed Chicago in 1871. These accounts are weaved together by a fantastic narrative that remains readable.


This title exposes the gender and economical biases prevalent in the day. Misogynist and anti-poor sentiments can be a lively discussion in the classroom. Further, the city of Chicago learned from their experiences and did a better job building structures and planning for disasters moving forward. It is important to learn from history and try to avoid making the same mistakes.


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