Friday, October 18, 2013

Hoot - Book Review

** I am currently taking a Young Adult literature course and I will be reading and reviewing several materials using a new format. This review follows a template given to me by my professor.**

Publication Information

Name: Christopher Jimenez Media Format: Book (eBook)
Title: Hoot Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, Protest, Ecology
Author: Carl Hiaasen Selection Source: 2003 Newbery Honor
Publisher: Random House Children's Books Recommended Audience Age: 9-14
Reading Recommendation: 4 out of 5
Curriculum Connections: Leisure, Florida, Ecology, Construction, Civics, Politics, Bullying


Mother Paula's All-American Pancake House is trying to open a new restaurant in Coconut Cove, Fl. The only problem is that things keep going wrong on the construction site which leaves the police and site supervisors frustrated and puzzled. Someone has been sabotaging the entire operation.

Simultaneously, Roy Eberhardt is trying to fit in at school after yet another move due to his father's job at the Department of Justice. He prefers mountainous Montana over flat Florida, his attitude earned him the nickname "cowgirl" at school. He deals with bullies Beatrice Leep and Dana Matherson while on the bus. After noticing a boy his age running down the street, Roy decides to follow him and ends up in an ecological adventure to save the lives of the burrowing owls living on the site of the new Pancake House.

This novel has achieved the following awards:


This is an excellent book for young adults. It features children who are brave enough to stand up for a cause and actually succeed in bringing about public awareness. It is full of humor and appeals to a child's sense of justice and love of animals.

Further, it brings up several aspects of bullying that are critical springboards for discussion. For instance: how are Beatrice and Dana different? How does each character evolve? Roy stands up for himself but does not report the bullying, why would he do that? Is it wise?

Another interesting theme in this book has to do with the law as it relates to minors. What is truancy? Trespassing? Why weren't the delinquent's names revealed in the press? The power of the law is also revealed in the ultimate demise of the Pancake House's building project. Even corporations must abide by the law or risk being shut down.

I recommend this book to all readers, young and old. Perhaps this has more to do with the fact that it was set in South Florida, my home town. It truly is a good story with a lot of humorous scenes.


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